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Contact Sandy to receive a wholesale price sheet at
Email: sandybordson@msn.com
Phone: (307) 631-9663

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A Song in My Heart #214C

This piece was designed around my "Lil Rocker" series. As I was "dressing" one of my Rockers in the fall of 2015, I decided to place a heart on her. I've had many requests to design and make a Treble Clef; when I did I played, as I often do, with various pieces and behold - "A Song in My Heart" was born.

As with all of my designs, they are each hand created so every one turns out slightly differently - like kids!!

This pendant is made using 14 gauge sterling silver.  The bail is large enough so that most any chain or neck wire can be threaded through it.
Retail - $165 

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Maddie & Molly Collection - Mother and Child Cuff #720-E

This cuff was designed for my 2 adorable twin nieces - Maddie and Molly.

The cuff is 18 ga sterling silver; 6" x 5/8" and a 5mm lab created stone of your choice set in the center.  A birth date can be stamped inside the cuff if you request.
Retail - $195 

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On My Way to the Fair
/Survivor #740-A

It was a hot, windy day in Cheyenne as I sat on the bench mesmerized by the beautiful heart of my great grandson.
Retail - $70  Click here to read more

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In The Boat

This piece was designed in 2012.  The “boat” component of this piece was originally going to be another design.  As often happens during my studio time, the design I had in mind wasn’t coming together.
Copper #150-A $125
Sterling #150-B $160 Click here to read more

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Daddy's Girl #132

This piece was named after my friend's daughter. She truly is "Daddy's Girl". When he picked out this piece to gift to her I hadn't named it yet. Boom - "Daddy's Girl"
Retail -$180

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Say To The Mountain

I refer to this piece as my “cancer” piece.  While working in my studio during the fall of 2013, I had intended for the brass to be part of a design I had in mind for an earring. 
Earrings #800-S2 $90
Necklace #800-S $110
Click here to read more

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Dream Weaver

This Necklace and Earrings are shown in sterling silver but is available in both copper or sterling.
The Pendant is an embossed sterling disc with turquoise in the center and sterling threads that hang below the disc.

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Mollie and Maddie Collection
Dangly Keshi Earrings #720
Sterling silver with beautiful light pink or white Keshi pearls
Retail -$90

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Bangle Up

These bangles are available in plain 14 ga copper
14 ga Copper with 5mm sterling balls
14 ga sterling silver
This is a collection you can purchase one at a time and keep adding on over time.  The more you wear, the more awesome they look.

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Shooting Star Earrings - #170

Each earring has 6" of 18 ga sterling square wire wrapped in a swirl.  An 18 ga sterling piece hangs in the center with a beautiful sterling bead at the end.
Retail- $70  


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